Monitoring portfolio

LEMAG Cylinder Pressure Indicators

LEMAG Peak Pressure Indicators measure the firing pressure of internal-combustion engines.

LEMAG Deflection Indicators

The LEMAG Deflection Indicators are time saving devices for checking crankshaft deflection.

LEMAG Pressotest (digital)

LEMAG Pressotest digital –  the pneumatic pressure calibrator with a digital gauge

LEMAG Pressotest HP

PRESSURE CALIBRATOR Sealed construction Up to 1000 bar Lightweight, hand held Optional over pressure protection system High pressure / Priming selector Large see-through reservoir Compatible with many different liquids Calibration certificate according to ISO 9001 standard The LEMAG Pressotest® HP is lightweight, easy to use and can generate pressures up to 1000 bar. It is well suited to calibration of pressure transmitters, pressure transducers, pressure switches and pressure gauges. The system offers optional adjustable over pressure protection, fine control and a unique selector switch to move from priming to high pressure generation. Scope of supply: Hand pump Digital Manometer Set

LEMAG Shaftpower

LEMAG Shaftpower® is a permanent shaft power measuring system, which displays the actual effective engine power output at any time.

LEMAG SPEAT Ship Energy Efficiency Analyzer

The LEMAG SPEAT Ship Energy Efficiency Analyzer measures, records and monitors performance and navigational data. It provides constant KPI visualisation to inform about energy efficiency. It helps to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.


The TEMPmag® 65M temperature calibrator is designed to maintain high accuracy and stability under the most severe conditions. The portable calibrators are used by leading ship owners and on offshore rigs world-wide.

Mechanical Crankshaft Deflection Gauge

Mechanical Crankshaft Deflection Gauge To check alignment and delflection on all types of engines Easy adjustment of gauge position Compact and robust construction Measuring range: 60 – 300mm / 500 mm Ready to use package with case Precision technology A deflection gauge for checking distortion of crankshafts. The use of the instrument enables the user to check the bearing alignment and deflection of the crankshaft. The robust construction and the hardened measuring tips make it possible to use the instrument on all kinds of engines. The deflection gauges can also be used to measure and indicate cylinder wear. To measure

Liner Diameter Measuring Instrument

The liner diamater measuring instrument makes for accurate measuring of cylinder liner diameters without the need for removing cylinder head or valve housing.

Fuel Analyzer

For monitoring the performance of purifiers and other components in your heavy fuel oil treatment system

Diesel engine combustion chamber tester

The diesel engine combustion chamber tester provides reliable and efficient condition monitoring of the combustion chamber in 4-stroke diesel- and gas engines with a bore size of 160-460 mm.

Surface Roughness Measuring Device

For standard-compliant roughness measurements.

Coating Thickness Measurement

The CTM measures coating thickness on magnetic and non-magnetic base materials with high precision. It is user-friendly, sturdy and ideal for uncomplicated, reliable and non-destructive in-situ measurements.