Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution

A high alkaline detergent for the most challenging cleaning tasks. Ideal for cleaning steel, stainless steel and cast iron components that are highly exposed to heavy fuel oil or where removal of fuel, coke, soot or paint is needed.

The product contains a tenside mixture that combined with a builder system makes the product suitable for immersion cleaning and spray cleaning. The product is powder-based which gives a dissolution rate of only 4-10%. Thanks to its smaller volume it is also easier to store and transport.

Ultra Rinse Engine can be used in Spray Washing machines.

This solution is NOT suitable for turbo chargers, intercoolers or other components containing aluminum, brass, copper or titanium, as it will destroy these types of metal alloys.


Technical data

Appearance  White granulate
Odour  Negligible
Density Typically 1.3 g/cm3 (20oC)
Flash point Non flammable
Use concentration 4-10%
PH of concentrate < 12.5
Storage conditions Store in closed containers in a cool well ventilated area
Recommended shelf life 12 months