Valve Spindle Grinding Machine / 150S

150S Valve Spindle Grinding Machine150S Valve Spindle Grinding Machine150S Valve Spindle Grinding Machine

For grinding of valves on high and medium speed diesel engines, and valves and valve seats on smaller 2-stroke diesel engines, in existing lathes

  • Range of operation: larger than 130 mm
  • For use in lathe
  • Template for precision angle setting
  • Air driven

Available for several engine makers, e.g: ITO, MaK, MAN B&W, PIELSTICK, SULZER, WARTSILA

Technical specification

Air pressure0.6 - 0.9 MPa (6 - 9 bar or 85 - 130 psi)
Air consumption1500 l/min
Weight13 kg
Max dimensionsW: 312 mm, D: 336 mm
Air hose connection16 mm (5/8")
Machine capacity, valve disk diameterLarger than 130 mm
Noise level81 dB (A) / 79 dB (C)
Normal grinding time10 - 15 min