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Chris-Marine is the major international specialist in supplying high quality maintenance machines and methods for diesel engines. Chris-Marine works closely with all major international engine builders in the development of working methods for the maintenance for slow speed and medium speed engines.
In business for 50 years!

With the newly incorporated IOP-Marine, a unique knowledge in fuel injector tests, highly recognized hydraulic power units and fuel injector test equipment are added to our well-known products.

From our Chris-Marine Singapore office we offer full Engine care services.

Our main product areas are grinding, milling, lathing, honing, cutting and measuring machines. You can find Chris-Marine equipment on ships, workshops and industries around the world.

The new "Complete range of products" brochure is available with the latest products and updates.


Service and repair

Chris-Marine international
sales offices and specialised
diesel repair workshops are
strategically located on
every continent.

Unistress Piston Ring Expanders

The UPRE subjects the piston ring to 4 equal forces and hence a uniform moment throughout, allowing it to be opened without being damaged.

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Fuel Analyzer

For monitoring the performance of purifiers and other components in your heavy fuel oil treatment system.

NEW Product brochure.

"Complete range of products" available with the latest products and updates.

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