Meet our People

More than 100 dedicated people from all over the world work at Chris-Marine and together they make up the Chris-Marine family. Meet some of them below.

Paul Huber, Assembler Chris-Marine Denmark

I joined Chris-Marine in 2015. Before joining Chris-Marine I worked as construction leader and also with strategic purchasing, machine rental & repair. I’m an authorized electro mechanic, born and educated in Germany, but moved to Denmark in 1996. I’m employed by Chris-Marine Denmark, but often work in Sweden as well. I really enjoy working on both sides of the Öresund strait and the production sites are only 40 minutes apart by car. What I love about working at Chris-Marine is the social environment. We have a really good relationship between colleagues, both in Denmark and Sweden. We also have a management that is easy to approach. The company has a flat organization and it suits me perfectly. In addition, my work is very varied so it never gets boring. To me, Chris-Marine is a great place to work at!

Lanny Chen, General Manager Chris-Marine China

I have been working at Chris-Marine since March 2004. Before joining Chris-Marine, I worked as a Sales Manager in the marine industry and as a marine engineer at the design department of a shipyard. I have a university degree in engineering and majored in “internal combustion engines”. In 2006 I got my MBA. I feel so lucky to work at Chris-Marine. My capabilities really come to use in my role and I get to combine my technical knowledge with business. I also love the fact that we’re like a big family, which is probably the reason for why I have been working for Chris-Marine for 15 years.

Gustaf Sanderberg Service & Engineering Manager Chris-Marine Sweden

I joined Chris-Marine in 2015 as Service Technician / Service Engineer. Previously I worked at sea for 18 years as an engine assistant. What I love about working at Chris-Marine is that one day doesn’t look like another. One day I’ll be in our workshop in Malmö and the next day on a ship in Indonesia repairing/servicing an engine. It’s a fun and challenging role and I love the problem solving involved. I really enjoy helping our customers to make sure their engines keep on running as efficiently as possible. In addition, I have amazing colleagues! We’re like family and they can really make my day. Since a few months time I work as Service and Engineering Manager, something I really enjoy.