Ecuador Chris-Marine Group Office

Chris-Marine AB office Ecuador
Amazonas 14-192 y pasaje 2
San Rafael, Quito
Phone: +593 979 000 379

Diego F Naranjo

Diego F. Naranjo
Regional Sales Manager


The Chris-Marine/IOP Marine sales office in Ecuador was established in 2013 to allow us to even better accommodate our South American customers by being closer to them in time and distance, and provide the service they need in their own language and culture. From here, we respond faster!

Our activities

We provide our customers with innovative engine care solutions to maintain the best possible running condition by supplying all kinds of equipment for cleaning, grinding or testing their 2- and 4-stroke diesel engines. Furthermore, we offer a complete container workshop that saves cost for buildings (civil works) and solves service issues in a faster way.

Considering our customers’ wide variety of diesel engines, our maintenance equipment can be adjusted to the different engine types upon ordering. Furthermore, our solutions cover a complete workshop set-up for both onboard and land-based needs, making your diesel engine overhaul more reliable, easier, faster, and at the same time, a cost efficient investment.

Besides supplying high quality diesel engine maintenance machinery, we provide technical education to our customers on operation of our machines and repairing the corresponding parts of the engines, and do our outmost to ensure that our clients feel confident in the technical facts.

CelecOur Customers

In Ecuador, Chris-Marine/IOP Marine has set the basis for a long term commercial relationship with our clients. Our important customers include state-owned companies such as power plants, oil companies, shipping lines and railway, as well as private industries like cement plants, service companies, generation utilities, engine manufacturer´s workshops or vessel lines.
Our customers are our main priority, and at Chris-Marine/IOP Marine, we are really proud of being partner of Ecuadorian industries, therefore we do our outmost to ensure that you can be both independent and reliable in your maintenance jobs.

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