State Electric Company Ltd., STELCO, in the Maldives.


STELCO is a stated owned company with power generation, distribution and retail as part of their core business.
They run power plants in 36 different islands, hereby providing electricity for almost half of the Maldives’ population, using mainly Cummins generators.

Engine types

• Wärtsilä Vasa 32
• MAN 32/40

Setting up a reliable workshop

Providing electricity for half the population of the Maldives, and with a location in the middle of the Indian Ocean, STELCO is exceedingly vulnerable to load shedding and breakdowns. As a result, STELCO decided to rely on our customized maintenance solutions and know-how to secure the future stability of the power production.
By providing STELCO with a complete maintenance solution comprising machining, testing and cleaning products, we have created the ideal conditions for both employees and engines. Furthermore, we have provided the necessary consulting, training and education for the staff, eradicating the costs of external service hubs, which is also acknowledge by head of the Power Generation Department at Stelco, Ibrahim Nizam:
We highly appreciate the support and cooperation extended to us by Chris Marine & IOP Marine. They have provided us with very informative and productive services, saving us a lot of time and manpower on maintenance work. We are looking forward for future development in cooperation with Chris-Marine and IOP Marine”.

Purchased products

VPA 1100-5 Fuel Injector Test Rig
Fuel injector test rig for workshop use. For test of fuel injectors for all 2- & 4-stroke engines, including fuel injectors with slide valves.
FPT Fuel Pump Tester
Determine wear condition of medium speed engine fuel pumps and compare it with existing performance data.
Portable machine complete with pneumatic hoist for on-site use.
BSP 30 Valve Spindle Grinding Machine
The BSP is an electrically driven machine for grinding of valve spindles on high and medium speed diesel engines.
Portable lathe
Portable lathe for in-situ machining of valve seats on medium speed diesel engines.
The Ultrasonic cleaning system offers a solution to the cleaning requirements of both power generation and marine industries.