Case Story: Grumsen Equipment

Grumsen Equipment has purchased fuel parts overhauling equipment from Chris-Marine and IOP Marine for their brand new fuel workshop in order to ensure that their customers will receive the best possible results.

MAN Diesel approval for Ultrasonic systems

After cleaning several different MAN engine parts in our Ultrasonic 130 Twin cleaning tank, the year 2014 was completed in one of the best ways possible, as we received the official MAN Diesel certificate for our range of Ultrasonic cleaners.

Case Story: Union Marine

Union Marine Management Services Pte. Ltd has purchased the Fuel Analyzer in order be able to avoid engine failures and are able to save money on engine maintenance.

See you at Danish Maritime Fair!

IOP Marine & Chris-Marine will be showcasing products included in the unique newbuilding package as well as the well-known honing machine with a new electric hoist.

What is it worth to be able to monitor liner wear?

At SMM 2014, Chris-Marine will present an updated version of the Liner Diameter Measuring instrument (LDM), which can help ship-owners save thousands of dollars. With a liner costing 50.000 USD in a large 12 cylinder engine, a rise of the wear rate from 0,05mm/1000h to 0,2mm/1000h will make the average annual replacement cost of the liners rise from 26.000 USD to 105.000 USD. This does not take into account the labour, transport and other spares needed. With the updated Liner Diameter Measuring instrument measuring liners without removing the cylinder cover or the exhaust valve has become simpler than ever and

Meet us at SMM!

At SMM customers and partners will have the opportunity to meet our experienced consultants at our booth A3.103 to discuss the optimal ways of overhauling diesel engines onboard ships and in diesel-driven power plants.