New addition to Chris-Marine

We are pleased to announce that Chris-Marine AB is now responsible for the manufacturing, sales and marketing of the Unistress Piston Ring Expanders.

The Unistress piston ring expanders are available in 4 different types covering piston ring diameters from 100 mm up to 980 mm. The product is extremely compatible with the rest of Chris-Marine’s product portfolio, and we are therefore very satisfied that we are now able to offer this quality product to our customers.

Diesel Engine Maintenance Machines on Road Trip

On April 9, 2013, a unique Road Show in Europe begins, as Chris-Marine & IOP Marine head off to spend nearly 2 months on the European roads with their diesel engine maintenance machines in a workshop container.

Superior engine parts cleaning

IOP Marine, Denmark, has launched a range of Ultrasonic cleaning tanks for both Workshop and Onboard use. The series consist of 3 choices of cleaning unit capacity, and includes important features such as a surrounding transducer set-up and patented frequency sweep to ensure optimal cleaning throughout the tank.

The Ultrasonic cleaning tanks offer a solution to the cleaning requirements of both power generation and marine industries catering for both onboard cleaning of smaller engine parts, e.g. fuel injectors, as well as for workshop cleaning of larger engine parts such as pistons, inter coolers and cylinder heads.

Chris-Marine & IOP Marine to launch new products

In a time of general downturn within the marine industry, Swedish-based Chris-Marine and the recently incorporated IOP Marine continue to surge forward with the launch of several new products.