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Honing Machine - HON 2A

Challenged by the condition of your cylinder liners? Don’t be!

Now on offer! Complete honing packages for 2-stroke and auxiliary engines

With HON 2A, cylinder liner geometry and surface structure become as good as new
and you prolong the lifetime of your engines. It is a cost-efficient and environmentally
friendly solution compared to investing in new cylinder liners too soon.

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Electronic Cylinder Pressure Indicator - LEMAG ECI

Want to improve uptime while lowering operating costs?

Then our Electronic Cylinder Pressure Indicator LEMAG ECI is the answer – uniquely on offer with up to 30% discount!

A session with one of our experts is included to give you technical assistance and help you optimize your measurements.

This is a great chance for you to upgrade your equipment. Trade in your old electronic indicator for a brand new LEMAG ECI or simply purchase one.

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Hydraulic Power Units - HPU

Unique Offer: 41-45% discount on Hydraulic Power Units

Don’t miss the opportunity to purchase Chris-Marine’s state-of-the-art Hydraulic Power Units HPU 1500 and HPU 2250 to a discounted price.

These portable power units have a lifetime second to none and are reliable companions to onboard crew and workshop teams worldwide.

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Working Rig - WR 20

Introduction offer – WR 20 Working Rig

Are safety and efficiency top priorities when overhauling heavy engine components? We think so.

Our new state-of-the-art working rig WR 20 has been developed to optimize the handling of 2-stroke engine parts like cylinder covers, exhaust valve and fuel pumps during overhaul. It simplifies the removal & refitting of cooling
water jackets and prevents damage to sensitive engine parts such as gas blocks.

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VPU 1100 MI/MKII → VPUD 1100SV

Trade in your old analogue VPU 1100 for a new and modern fuel injector test unit and save up to 45%

If you are the owner of an old outdated IOP Marine VPU 1100 MI/MKII fuel injector test unit, you now have a unique opportunity to upgrade your old unit with a new and modern VPUD 1100SV test unit. VPUD 1100SV has a digital display with a built-in safe test system, suitable for successful testing of your main and aux engine fuel injectors.

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