Knutsen OAS Shipping, Norway


• 2 LNG vessels
• 4 Wärtsilä 50DF engines onboard each ship
• Total of 45 cylinder liners
• Already have VSL and DGL onboard, as these were delivered with the engines.


The two LNG vessels from operates in the North and South Pacific oceans with a busy schedule.

As it is difficult to bring these vessels ashore for maintenance, it is important to Knutsen OAS, that the crew is able to maintain the 4 Wärtsilä 50DF engines with safe and efficient machines in order to avoid engine failure.

With the onboard maintenance package from Chris-Marine, Knutsen OAS has purchased the optimal tools for recitifying liners, spindles and seats in order to secure that both vessels can fulfill their duties with their engines running smoothly.

Knutson’s benefits of the purchase is:
• The crew can respond fast to break downs
• They become independent of workshops
• The investment is paid back after just 2 overhauls

Purchased products

BSP 30 Valve Spindle Grinding Machine
The BSP is an electrically driven machine for grinding of valve spindles on high and medium speed diesel engines.
75h Valve Spindle Grinding Machine
For grinding of valves on high and medium speed diesel engines, and valves and valve seats on smaller 2-stroke diesel engines, in existing lathes
Portable machine complete with pneumatic hoist for on-site use.
VRL Valve Seat and Recess Machine
A combined machine for in-situ machining of valve seats and seat recesses on medium speed diesel engines.
Working Rig
The WR is safe and efficient with a self locking turning gear and facilitates a multitude of maintenance operations.