Power plants

The optimum solution for power plant applications

Chris-Marine® & IOP Marine products are made for all types of diesel- and gas engines that provide electricity for base load, grid stability, emergency generators and industrial self-generation, as well as oil- and gas applications.
Our machines are designed to last the lifetime of the power plant.

Reduce costs by maintaining the engines optimally

The demand for electricity in developing countries and remote areas increases the need for well-running diesel power plants with engines that are trust-worthy and reliable.
The best way to reduce costs by maintaining the engines in an optimal way is to use the Chris-Marine® & IOP Marine complete service concept that include complete systems for controlling the status as well as doing the service when needed.

Case stories

Case Story: Ultrasonic 4600

Bringing electricity to nearly half of the Maldivian population, STELCO cannot afford any engine failures at the power station in Male. The Ultrasonic 4600 was purchased to fulfill their need for cleaning of inter coolers in order to keep the engines running smoothly.

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