Accessories & Consumables

Cooling box

Closed system with programmable water outlet temperature and built-in circulation pump for protection of the MPI and optimal running condition.

DIAL GAUGE – for aligning and balancing equipment

A Dial Gauge is a precision instrument used to balance and align Chris-Marine Machines and Equipment, which is of utmost importance to achieve the specifications of Engine builders. Dial Gauge – a precision instrument! Aligns Machines and accessories Facilitates adjustment when setting angles Minimises vibrations when centering grinding Wheels Different Reading scales to optimise accuracy Analogue use Solutions for different applications Dial indicators Lever indicators Holders for indicators Graduation: 0.01 mm and 0.001 mm VIDEO: Aligning the Chris-Marine Grinding Wheel on BSP30  

Grinding wheels

Chris-Marine® grinding wheels are selected, tested and proven for each type of metal alloy, surface finish and workload.

Honing Liquid

Water miscible honing fluid based on mineral oil to ensure a smooth and efficient honing process.

Honing Stones

Recommended standard ceramic honing stones available for all Chris-Marine honing products. Various stones depending on engine type and size.

Oil Mist Purifier

For improved working environment and visual inspection.

Test fluid

Test fluid based on mineral oil designed to meet the requirements of high tolerance fuel injectors and to ensure optimal calibration of fuel injectors.

Turning Bits

Turning bits are supplied in different shapes and qualities. Each type is carefully tested to give the best result when it comes to performance, lifetime and surface roughness.


Ultra Rinse Descale – a cleaning chemical for ultrasonic cleaning Ultra Rinse Descale is a cleaning chemical for engine parts. The Product is an acidic liquid concentrate based on highly efficient surfactants and inhibitors. It is used for removal of lime scale as well as iron-, carbon- and oil carbon deposits from engine parts. How to use it The product should be used t concentrations from 5 – 20% and must not be used at stmperatures higher than 70˚C. Cleaning time depends on soiling but is typically between 10 and 60 minutes. The product is not suitable on alloy metal parts and


Ultra Rinse Engine – a cleaning chemical for challenging cleaning tasks Ultra Rinse Engine is a high alkaline cleaning chemical for the most challenging cleaning tasks. The product is ideal for cleaning steel, stainless steel and cast iron components that are highly exposed to heavy fuel oil. In addition, it is an effective product when removal of fuel, coke, soot or paint is needed. The cleaning chemical contains a tenside mixture that combined with a builder system makes the product suitable for immersion cleaning and spray cleaning. It is powder-based, which gives a dissolution rate of only 4-10%. Thanks to its smaller volume


The new Ultra Rinse cleaning solutions from Chris-Marine & IOP Marine are specifically developed for ultrasonic cleaning, fulfilling the cleaning requirements of industrial companies, workshops, power plants and marine industries.

Universal Valve Holder

The ”Universal Valve Holder” is a fuel injector valve holder with five operating positions and adapters for all common Wärtsilä / MAN Diesel / MaK 4-stroke injectors as well as other engine types upon request from workshops worldwide.

Cal Gauge

High-precision reference pressure indicator for verification and calibration of onboard and workshop gauges up to 2,500 bar.

Unistress Piston Ring Expander

The Unistress Piston Ring Expander subject the ring to four forces as indicated and therefore to a uniform moment throughout, except at the ends where it decreases rectilinearly towards zero.

High pressure hoses and couplings

Fulfilling all requirements and specifications required by engine designers such as MAN Diesel & Wärtsilä.


IOP Marine is the authorised distributor of CEJN 116/125 series couplings and nipples that fulfill all requirements and specifications required by engine designers like MAN Diesel & Wärtsilä.

Honing Rig

Honing rig for workshop application.

Working Rig

The WR is safe and efficient with a self locking turning gear and facilitates a multitude of maintenance operations.