Fuel Injector Maintenance

Fuel Valve Test Rig

Fuel valve test rig for troubleshooting of electronic Caterpillar Unit Injectors. Allows for condition based exchange of unit injectors instead of time-based exchange.

Fuel Injector Test Rig, Workshop Version

Fuel injector test rig for workshop use. For test of fuel injectors for all 2- & 4-stroke engines, including fuel injectors with slide valves.

Fuel Injector Test Rig

Fuel injector test rig with digital read-out for testing of fuel valves for 2- & 4-stroke diesel engines.

Fuel Injector Test Rig

Fuel injector test rig. For test of fuel injectors for 2- & 4-stroke engines.

Multi-Purpose Trigger Box

The MPT is a fuel injector test rig accessory that enables testing and activation of electronic fuel injectors / pilot valves in larger 2- and 4-stroke engines.

Test Rig Adaptor

The PPMI 1000-4 is a fuel injector test rig adapter that features the patented IOP SafeTest Technology.

Universal Valve Holder

The ”Universal Valve Holder” is a fuel injector valve holder with five operating positions and adapters for all common Wärtsilä / MAN Diesel / MaK 4-stroke injectors as well as other engine types upon request from workshops worldwide.

Cal Gauge

High-precision reference pressure indicator for verification and calibration of onboard and workshop gauges up to 2,500 bar.

Fuel injector grinding tool

For reconditioning of fuel injector pipe sealing surfaces on medium speed diesel engines.