Automatic honing machine / HON A

Automatic Honing Machine

Automatic honing machine for restoration of medium speed engine cylinder liner geometry and surface structure.
The electrically-driven honing and deglazing machine features adjustable stone pressure and a programmable handheld PLC controller, which includes automatic stroke control functionality and ability to specify the exact cross pattern angle.

As the automatic honing machines is fully electric powered there is no need for compressed air.

Furthermore, the new honing machine allows for even better cylinder liner maintenance as it boasts a range of advanced features that helps the operator to ensure the optimal honing result:

  • Automatic stroke control
  • Less noise than when driven with compressed air
  • Exact cross angle pattern
  • Easy setup and start-up of job
  • Exact liner surface cross-pattern angle can be set from the controller
  • Safe to use – cannot go beyond set turning points while running
  • Speed and stroke length can be adjusted during operation
  • Synchronized vertical and rotational movement
  • Adjustable honing stone pressure
  • Can be used with existing Chris-Marine HON S /S2 heads
  • You only need one hoist and one gearbox regardless of the honing head


Technical Specifications

Power 3-phase 380-415V 50/60Hz 2kW
Working range 150 – 670 mm
Surrounding temperature 0-45°C
Noise level 80dB(A)
Honing Liquid We recommend the Chris-Marine honing liquid to achieve optimal honing results.
Honing head
Working range Type S 4-arms Type S2 8-arms
150 – 200 mm S15/20
190 – 230 mm S19/23
210 – 290 mm S21/29
280 – 420 mm S28/42
320 – 500 mm S32/50 S2 32/50
490 – 670 mm S2 49/67