Valve Spindle Grinding Machine / BSP30

For grinding of valve spindles on high and medium speed diesel engines


The BSP is an electrically driven machine for automatic grinding of valve spindles on high and medium speed diesel engines. The machine serves as a professional tool for grinding in workshops onboard ships as well as in offshore sites and is available in semi- or fully automatic versions and comes delivered with precision settings for required grinding angles, which can also be adjusted by the operator. Due to the sturdy design and incorporated features of the BSP, a high quality grinding result is achieved quickly, even under the most demanding operating conditions.

The equipment can be used for stems with diameters ranging from 6 to 48 mm and seat angles of 0 to 90°, and all input of parameters are handled via the user-friendly 6” color touch screen.




  • Operating range 6 – 50 mm stem diameter
  • For all 4-stroke medium speed engines
  • Automatic grinding machine
  • Electronic controlled angle settings
  • Userfriendly Man Machine Interface
  • Electrically driven
  • Type BSP2 is semi automatically operated



The BSP30 is available for several engine makers, e.g: Bergen, Caterpillar, Man B&W and Wärtsilä.

Technical specification

Machine capacityStem diameter up to 50 mm, Valve disc diameter up to 250 mm
Weight320 kg
Max dimensionsW: 1100 mm, H: 736 mm
Electric power supply3-phase 380/415 V 50/60 Hz with neutral line or 3-phase 220 - 260 V 50/60 Hz. Other voltage options available on request.
Power requirement1.5 kW
Electric motorsGrinding motor 1.10 kW, Driving motor 0.25 kW, Coolant pump motor 0.09 kW