Surface Grinding Machine / CPL

For grinding of sealing surfaces on small and medium bore diesel engines


The CPL machine provides excessive savings from in-situ grinding and milling of cylinder heads, liners and engine blocks, and thereby enables efficient prevention of water and gas leakages. Manually driven, the CPL is able to grind sealing surfaces between cylinder head and cylinder liner, as well as between cylinder liner and engine frame on small and medium bore diesel engines. Additionally, the CPL can also be used for grinding of sealing surface between piston crown and piston skirt.



  • Standard operating range diameter 200 – 650 mm
  • For workshops on board and ashore
  • Air operated
  • Easily operated by one man
  • Versatile
  • Optional milling equipment


Available for several engine makers, such as: Bergen, Caterpillar, MAN DIESEL, Sulzer, Wärtsilä, etc.


Technical specification

Machine capacityØ200 - Ø650 mm
Air pressure0.6 - 0.9 MPa (6 - 9 bar or 85 - 130 psi)
Air consumption1300 l/min
WeightBasic machine 30 - 35 kg, Aligning equipment 5 - 85 kg
Max dimensionsH: 704 mm
Air hose connection12,5 mm (1/2")