CPT90 Portable Lathe

Horizontal and vertical machiningToolholder position easily adjustable for tapered machiningIn-situ machining of CP propeller blades

For heavy duty in-situ machining operations

The Chris-Marine CPT-type portable lathe is a multipurpose machine for all types of applications where an accurate and reproducable result is demanded. Designed for heavy duty in-situ machining operations, the electrically driven CPT has a wide operating range and is equally suitable for internal and external cutting. Developed for use on cylinder liners, engine frames and other applications, the CPT features a seamless feed for vertical and horizontal movements. Due to its sturdy design and incorporated features, a high quality machining result is achieved quickly, also under the most demanding operating conditions.    
  • Operating range: Radially 300 - 1100 mm diameter, for internal or external cutting axially down to 250 mm
  • Designed for use on cylinder liners, engine frames and other applications
  • Stepless feed for vertical and horizontal movements
  • Designed for both inside and outside machining
  • Electrically driven
Available for several engine makers, such as: Bergen, Caterpillar, MAN DIESEL, Sulzer, Wärtsilä, etc.

Technical specification

Weight195 kg210 kg
Electric power supply3-phase 320 - 440 V 48/62 Hz3-phase 320 - 440 V 48/62 Hz
Machining rangeØ300 - Ø600 mmØ400 - Ø1100 mm
Machining length100 mm100 mm
Motor power2.2 kW2.2 kW
Main dimensionsD: 534 mm, H: 870 mmD: 534 mm, H: 870 mm