Deglazing and Honing Machine / HON S

Portable honing machine complete with pneumatic hoist for on-site use

The HON S deglazing and honing machine is designed and developed for easy operation directly on the engine or in the honing rig. The process of honing rectifies the circular shape of the liner, removes scuffed areas and restores the surface cross pattern. The optimal cross-angle pattern can be achieved thanks to the variable hoisting speed and exchangeable gearbox of the Hon S. As mechanically adjustable stone pressure is incorporated in the machine, it operates with incredibly high accuracy.

The HON S is pneumatically driven, but can be fitted with an electric driving unit on request. Other options include extra 8-armed honing heads for special application and automated stroke control, making the operation of the HON S as comfortable as it is efficient.

  • For honing of liners 140 – 670 mm bore
  • Easy to operate directly on the engine or in honing rig
  • Honing rectifies the shape of the liner, restores scuffed areas and restores surface cross pattern
  • Variable hoisting speed and exchangeable gearbox for optimal cross-angle pattern and honing capacity
  • Fully pneumatically driven machine. Electric driving unit available on request
  • Mechanically adjustable stone pressure for best accuracy


  • 8-armed honing heads available for special applications
  • Automatic stroke control

New features enhance safety and ease-of-use!

  • Control handles on remote control box
    The control handles for driving speed and stone pressure have been moved from the honing machine to the same external control box where the reset and emergency buttons are situated. This makes HON S much easier and even safer to use.
  • Chain slack detector (optional)
    The patented chain slack detector stops the machine if there is slack in the chain from the hoist. This can occur for instance if the stone pressure is too high, thus preventing the honing head from sliding down in the liner. Upgrade kit available for HON S users
  • Torque wrench and adapter (optional)
    A kit that improves stone pressure accuracy has recently been introduced. The kit includes a torque wrench and an adapter that significantly reduce honing time and risk for human error.
  • Vibration dampers
    Chris-Marine has recently introduced vibration dampers in order to minimize head wear, avoid vibration patterns in the cylinder liner and improve productivity.


Available for several engine makers such as Bergen, Caterpillar, MAN DIESEL, Wärtisilä, etc.

Technical specification

Driving unit
Air pressure 0.6 – 0.9 MPa (6 – 9 bar or 85 – 130 psi)
Noise level 84 dB (A) / 83 dB (C)
Air hose connection 16 mm (5/8")
Honing stones We recommend the Chris-Marine Honing stones to achieve optimal honing results
Hoist, air driven  type 125  type 250 
Hoisting capacity 125 kg 250 kg
Working range 150 – 500 mm cylinder diameter 500 – 600 mm cylinder diameter
Stroke 4.0 m 4.0 m
Air pressure 0.4 – 0.6 MPa (4 – 6 bar or 57 – 85 psi) 0.4 – 0.6 MPa (4 – 6 bar or 57 – 85 psi)
Air consumption 500 l/min 500 l/min
Air hose connection 10 mm (3/8") 10 mm (3/8")
Weight 10 kg 11 kg
Honing head 
Working range  Type S 4-arms  Type S2 8-arms 
150 – 200 mm S15/20
190 – 230 mm S19/23
210 – 290 mm S21/29
280 – 420 mm S28/42
320 – 500 mm S32/50 S2 32/50
490 – 600 mm S2 49/67
Cylinder liner diameter  rpm  Air consumption honing machine  Air consumption air driven hoist 
150 – 300 mm 51 1500 l/min 500 l/min
280 – 380 mm 40 1500 l/min 500 l/min
350 – 500 mm 34 1500 l/min 500 l/min
450 – 600 mm 24 1500 l/min 500 l/min