Diesel engine combustion chamber tester / DEC

Engine cylinder to be monitored with the piston at TDC (valves closed and maximum wear position of cylinder liner)Condition-based overhauling for longer TBO

The diesel engine combustion chamber tester provides reliable and efficient condition monitoring of the combustion chamber in 4-stroke diesel- and gas engines with a bore size of 160-460 mm

The equipment monitors the current condition of the piston ring pack / cylinder liner.

Regular diesel engine combustion chamber tester inspections are an important complement to existing maintenance procedures, making it possible to customize engine overhaul intervals in order to lower operational costs and avoid engine break-downs.

Considerable savings can be made through regular condition monitoring of the combustion chamber. Broken or worn out piston rings, excessive liner wear or worn valve seats are easily detected by the diesel engine combustion chamber tester. Such abnormalities are often not possible to detect through cylinder pressure measurements.

Technical specification

Air pressure6-8 bar (standard working pressure)
Weight3 kg
Cylinder size range160 mm - 460 mm bore diameter
Tube length2 x 0,6 meters
Indicator valve connectionW 27 x 1/10"
Dimensions200 x 155 x 130mm (LxWxH)
Carrying case230 x 200 x 160 mm (LxWxH)