Flange Sealing Surface Lathe / FSL

The Flange Sealing Surface Lathe is intended for rapid maintenance of flanges with a center hole – e.g. propeller blades. The portable FSL for onsite use can machine a complete propeller blade flange in less than 2 hours, incl. set up.

Key features of the Flange Sealing Surface Lathe:

  • The FSL is fast to set up and safe to use, and can easily be operated by one man.
  • It is portable for workshop and repair yard use
  • Can be used onsite, which reduces overhaul time from days to less than an hour
  • Mounted directly on the propeller blade
  • Electrically driven
  • Adjustable feed and machining speed
  • Available in 2 sizes:
    Small machines up to: 440 mm diameter
    Large machines up to: 800 mm diameter


Technical specification

Machine capacityFSL 40: 50-440mm diameter FSL 80: 100-800mm diameter
WeightFSL 40: 30 kg, FSL 80: 55 kg
Max dimensionsFSL 40: Base machine, HxW: 495 - 670 mm FSL 80: Base machine, HxW: 505 - 1085 mm
Electric power supply1 phase 230V
Power requirement0,37kW/0,75 kW