Fuel Pump Tester / FPT

Determine wear condition of medium speed engine fuel pumps and compare it with existing performance data.

The FPT (Fuel pump Tester) is designed to measure and determine wear condition of 4-stroke engine fuel pumps and compare them with existing performance data. The included PC operates the computerized test unit, with an application customized to process the data required for testing. There is a specific setting available in the system for each known fuel pump, providing a predefined combination of bottom/side positions.

The test unit verifies, by use of compressed air only, the sealing between plunger and barrel inside the fuel pump, when placed in different load and stroke positions. The non-return valve function and the sealing of the o-rings are also tested, ensuring perfect functioning and sealing of the fuel pump.



  • Pneumatic test method – does not require a large setup.
  • Accurate, reproducible and well documented determination of pump condition.
  • Automated test sequence for each pump type.
  • No disassembly necessary before testing.
  • No cleaning necessary after testing.
  • Data reports generated automatically, available in MS Excel format for further processing.
  • Pump manufacturer independent.
  • Adapters can be made for most 4-stroke engine fuel-pumps.
  • Possible to add data for new pump types as need arises.
  • Optional accessories: Adaptors for additional fuel pumps, printer, crane for lifting pumps.

Technical specification

Weight280 kg
Dimensions900 x 965 x 1317 (WxDxH mm)
Power supply1 x 230 V / 50 Hz
Power consumption1300 VA
Peak current16 A DURING STARTUP
Recommended test temperature15 - 20°C