Fuel injector grinding tool / IGT

IGT Fuel injector grinding toolIGT Fuel injector grinding toolPortable in 1 caseLow weight base unit

For reconditioning of fuel injector pipe sealing surfaces on medium speed diesel engines

  • For 4-stroke medium speed engines
  • Portable with a low weight
  • For workshops on board and ashore
  • Easily operated by one man
  • Easily adapted to different engine types

Technical specification

Machine capacityFuel injectors on 4-stroke medium engines, Fuel pipe diameters from M12 (approx 11 mm)
Max dimensions510 x 350 x 190 mm (WxHxD)
Noise levelMax 76 dB(A) / 75 dB(C)
WeightBase unit: 2,8kg, Base unit w. case: 8kg