Honing Stones

Honing time and stone consumption increases with cylinder diameter and stroke length, and it is therefore important to choose the right honing stones. Diamond stones have superior endurance and remove material faster than ceramic stones.

They are therefore suitable for coarse honing of large engines or highly worn smaller engines. Ceramic stones provide superior oil retaining properties for the cylinder liner and are therefore mandatory when finishing the running surface structure.

Chris-Marine honing stones have been selected, tested and proven for most engine types.

The recommended standard ceramic honing stones are available for all Chris-Marine honing products. Various stones depending on engine type and size.

Honing process


A honing process is normally performed in two or more steps:

  • Rough honing, where ovality, scratches and blemishes are removed.

Use rough stones (grain size 36 – 80) or diamond stones.

  • Plateau honing, resulting in a good running surface for the piston rings.

Use fine stones (grain size 100 – 500).

A variety of grain sizes and qualities available.

Contact us and we will recommend the best solution for you and estimate your consumption.