HPU 1500.2 Hydraulic Power Units

HPU Hydraulic Power Units

This traditional power supply for hydraulic tools delivers a maximum hydraulic pressure of 1500 bar and can be powered by air as well as by hand. The HPU 1500.2 has the special feature that it can also be used for the testing of certain fuel injectors.

  • Pneumatic-hydraulic power supply for hydraulic tools.
  • For operation of engine hydraulic tool series, i.e. hydraulic jacks.
  • Internal pump(s), high-pressure pipes, connections, gauges etc are of top technical quality to ensure reliability and efficiency.
  • A series of power units covering most needs for most engines.
  • Smaller units can also be powered by hand.
  • Can also be adapted for special applications like opening SKF couplings, opening/separating turbo chargers etc.
  • Twin-pump models drastically reduce pumping time with about 80% of normal time, typical pumping time for a cylinder cover will be 2-6 minutes depending on engine size.

Technical specification

Can be powered by handYes
Multipurpose (incl fuel injector tests)Yes
Twin pumpsNo
Pneumatic inlet pressure (bar)0-10
Hydraulic pressure (bar) output@input1500@7, 1000@4.5
Standard safety valve setting (bar)1050/1350* *adjustable
Hydraulic flow (l/min)Less than 0.55
Air consumption (l/min) @ 0 bar300-1050
Hydraulic gauge (bar/160 MPa, class 1.0, Ø 160)1600
Pneumatic inlet1/2” BSP female (ISO-228-1-G-1/2) adapter for reduction to 1/4” BSP included
Hydraulic outletCEJN 116 male incl
Weight20 kg
Dimension (LxWxH mm)380x360x380
Typical engine/tool (smallest HPU)MAN ≥70 MC Sulzer Z-series