Hydraulic Power Units Series / HPU

The HPU is also available in hand- or foot-powered models.

HPU Series: Portable Hydraulic Power Units for all hydraulic tools

Powerful hydraulic tools require reliable power sources. In coorporation with MAN Diesel, Wärtsilä and 2-stroke engine owners worldwide, IOP Marine has developed a range of mobile Hydraulic Power Units delivering up to 5 times the normal speed when needed, while fulfilling the requirement for pressures above 3000 bar – in other words, a HPU unit from IOP Marine can loosen a cylinder cover for the world’s largest diesel engines in less than five minutes. The HPUs are not only suitable for closed-circuit tools, but can also
be used for the floating of camshafts, opening of SKF couplings and so on. Special operation modes make it possible to operate several types of tool series safely with one unit. At the other end of the spectrum advanced new 2-step hand pumps and ultra-compact HPU’s for 4-stroke engines are available. HPUs are reliable portable pneumatic / hydraulic power supplies for use in workshops, on ships, in factories and at power plants. With an IOP Marine unit you get state-of-the-art performance.

  • Hydraulic pressure up to 3,500bar @ 7bar air inlet pressure
  • Flow rates up to 1.9l/min
  • Adjustable maximum outlet pressure for tool protection
  • Back-up hand power optional

Apart from operation of standard tools, the largest power packs can also be used for floating of camshafts and opening of SKF couplings.


Technical specification

Product Max. output pressure (bar) Max. output flow (l/min) Weight (kg) Drive medium Pump technology Low-pressure mode
MPU 1500 1500 Variable 6 / 8 Hand 2-step
MPU 2500 2500 Variable 8 Hand 2-step
HPU 1500 Compact 1500 0,25 8 Air Single
HPU 1500 1500 0,33 16 Air/Hand Single
HPU 1500.2 1500 0,55 20 Air/Hand Single
HPU 2250 2250 0,45 20 Air Single
HPU 2250-2 2250 1,85 28 Air Twin
HPU 2250-2S 2250 1,85 28 Air Twin
HPU 2250S 2250 0,45 23 Air Single
HPU 2800-2 2800 1,7 28 Air Twin
HPU 3500 W 3500 Air Twin
HPU 3500-2 3500 1,6 28 Air Twin