LEMAG PEAKmag® / Peak Pressure Indicator

The LEMAG PEAKmag® Peak Pressure Indicator measures the maximal firing pressure of internal combustion engines.
It has been designed to protect its user in case of excessive cylinder pressure. It has safety glass gauge, blow out back wall, full safety pattern and calibration certificate according to ISO 9001 standard.

Why use the LEMAG PEAKmag® Peak Pressure Indicator?

  • Optimizes the performance of the engine
  • Prevents unbalanced operation of the engine
  • Avoids uncontrolled vibration that could cause breakdown costs
  • Prevents loss of efficiency to optimize fuel consumption

Features of the Peak Pressure Indicator

  • pressure range up to 225 bar
  • (3000 PSI)
  • easy to handle
  • safe to use
  • robust
  • reliable
  • for all speed ranges
  • ready-to-use package with a case
  • ISO 9001 certificate
  • German precision technology