LEMAG Pressotest (digital)

LEMAG Pressotest –  a pneumatic pressure calibrator with a digital gauge.

With LEMAG Pressotest – a LEMAG pressure calibrator with a digital gauge – checking the pressure hysterisis is easy.  LEMAG Pressotest enables checking the set point of pressure switches & transmitters and/or the calibration of the gauges using one tool only .The LEMAG Pressotest can simulate dropping and raising pressure. The dual operating pneumatic pump has the ability to create pressure as well as vacuum.


LEMAG Pressotest – Features

  • Robust
  • Precise
  • Reliable
  • Incl. ISO 9001 certificate
  • Measuring range: -1 to 30 bar
  • “one hand” operation


Technical Details

Pump pressure range: -1 to 40 bar
Measuring range: -1 up to 30 bar
Accuracy: 0,1 % FS
Number of adaptors: 8 pieces


Including set of washers, seals & flexible test pipe.