LEMAG TEMPmag 65M temperature calibrator

LEMAG TEMPmag® 65M temperature calibrator – designed to maintain high accuracy and stability under the most severe conditions

The portable calibrators are used by leading ship owners and on offshore rigs world-wide. The The LEMAG TEMPmag® 65M temperature calibrator is easy to operate and ideal for “on site” calibration due to its portable, low-weight weight and compact design.

The dry block principle excludes the use of oil or other liquids. Heating of liquids is therefore not necessary. Insert adapters ensure a thermal contact to the sensor that is being tested. The use of insert adapters also ensures high flexibility as the user is not restricted by fixed well diameters.

The LEMAG TEMPmag® 65M temperature calibrator  will fulfill requirements in connection with quality assurance programs as well as requirements from classification societies.  All supplied TEMPmag® 65M units are calibrated against precision equipment that is traceable to national standards. Calibration certificates are supplied with each TEMPmag® 65M temperature calibrator.


Features of LEMAG TEMPmag® 65M

  • Temperature range 30°C – 650°C
  • Interchangeable insert adapters
  • No liquids, safe dry calibration
  • Low weight and compact design
  • 2 buttons – easy to use