Liner Diameter Measuring Instrument / LDM

Complete liner diameter measuring in fractions of time compared to traditional methods.

Usually, a three-man team will measure two cylinder liners in one long working day. With the Chris-Marine Liner Diameter Measuring tool (LDM), the same operation can be done in three hours by one single operator. The LDM can be used for verifying cylinder wear and deformation prior to dry-docking or for following up cylinder wear and deformation on a single engine of interest by complementing regular scavenging port inspections with cylinder liner measurement.

User-friendly Liner Diameter Measuring

Abnormal wear and deformation resulting from slow-steaming, new lube oils or changed route are conveniently picked up with the LDM, allowing for prompt countermeasures. The latest LDM-4 generation offers 13 hours of continuous user time without intermediate recharging and is more user-friendly than ever before. Like previous versions, it can measure all 2-stroke engines with a bore from 500 to 980 mm without removing the cylinder cover or exhaust valve housing.

The clover-leafing measurement feature allows the user to detect non-oval wear and deformation such as heat load deformation as a result of slow-steaming retrofitting, injector erosion and lube oil distribution related wear.

The LDM is available for MAN B&W, Wartsila and Mitsubishi 2-stroke engines with a cylinder bore of 500 to 980 mm.

Want to learn how to use the LDM?

Video: how to use the Liner Diameter Measuring Instrument

Technical specification

WeightMeasuring unit: 3.6 kg, Additional equipment: 8 kg
Diameter measuring range2-stroke engines 500 - 980 mm liner diameters
Height measuring range0 - 4.0 m
Electric power supplyBattery operated, Charging equipment included
Normal measuring timeOne cylinder liner (4 diameters / 10 levels) 1 hr