Portable Surface Lathe Machine / PSL

For machining of sealing surfaces on small bore diesel engines


The PSL is an electrically driven machine designed for machining of surfaces between cylinder head and cylinder liner, as well as between cylinder head and engine frame on small-bore diesel engines. The Portable Surface Lathe offers fast maintenance of sealing surfaces on engines up to 260 mm in bore diameter (maximal machining diameter is 350 mm), it is easily operated by one man and it is recommended by Wärtsilä. Designed with stepless adjustable feed and machining speed, the PSL is an efficient, versatile and accurate machine.

Additionally, with the PSL it is possible to upgrade W32  engines to W34 gas engines for both onboard and on shore workshops by machining the centre of the cylinder head.



Technical specification

Machine capacity50 - 360 mm diameter, Engines up to 260 mm bore diameter
WeightBasic machine: 13 kgs, Aligning equipment: 5 - 85 kgs
Max dimensionsBase machine: HxW: 405x188 mm
Electric power supply1-PHASE 180 - 252V, 48 - 62 Hz
Power requirement0,37 kW
Feeding32 mm