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Test Rig Adaptor / PPMI 1000

Hoses and couplings supplied by IOP are approved by engine manufacturer. Top quality ensures no oil leakage and crew safety.

The PPMI 1000-4 is a fuel injector test rig adapter that features the patented IOP SafeTest Technology.

With a PPMI 1000 fitted to an IOP or a 3rd party fuel injector test rig it is possible to verify the performance of MAN Diesel & Turbo slide-fuel valves without any risk of performing “multiple openings”, which is not allowed for this injector type.


  • Operator Guiding System:
    • Injector Prefill
    • Opening Pressure Test
    • Nozzle Leakage Test
    • Venting / Non-return valve test
    • O-Ring Sealing Test
  • Patented IOP SafeTest system.
  • Unique protection system for correct testing of MAN Diesel & Turbo Slide Fuel Valves.
  • Separate display for data collection. Stores data for easy evaluation and further use.
  • Precise digital read out

General info – IOP SafeTest Technology

Experience shows that the injectors can be damaged if tested incorrectly. The damage occurs because the conditions during testing of the fuel injectors are different than the conditions when the engine is running. Traditional testing where multiple openings take place during the “Opening Pressure Test” and the “Atomising Test” very easily damages the injector. This is not the fault of the injector – but the testing procedure needs to be modified.

The slide-valves were introduced in 2002 and today most new engines from MAN B&W are delivered with this new generation of fuel injectors. In order to ensure optimal injector performance, the injectors are to be tested at regular intervals, as specified by MAN B&W Diesel.

Technical specification

Weight3,5 kg
Dimensions190 X 190 X 150 mm (LxWxH) (Main box)
Power consumption22 W (= 100mA @ 220 V)
Output voltage24 V DC
Operating pressure0 - 1000 bar
Gauge classificationClass 0.2
Supply voltageSingle phase 115/230 V AC
Electric connectionShielded 3-wire cable (3 X 0,75 SY-JZ)
Operation temperature-10 °C TO 50 °C