Ultra Rinse Intercooler – a cleaning chemical suitable for all types of metals

Ultra Rinse Intercooler is a high alkaline cleaning chemical suitable for metals like aluminum, titanium, brass and copper. The chemical is ideal for cleaning intercoolers and turbo parts.

Ultra Rinse Intercooler contains an effective surfactant package that enhances the removal of fuel, oil and soot.
However, it is not as effective as the Ultra Rinse Engine when it comes to the removal of coke and dried oil.

The Product contains a tenside mixture that gives the product very effective demulsifying properties, whereby oils and fats on the surface can be easily removed using an oil skimmer or oil separator.

Product features

  • The product is powder-based
  • Dissolution rate of only 1.5-5%
  • Easier to store and transport thanks to it smaller volume
  • Can be used in Spray Washing machines
  • Foam-free above 50°C.

For more information regarding the Ultra Rinse family, please see product sheet below.

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Technical data

Appearance White granulate
Odour Negligible
Density Typically 1.3 g/cm3 (20oC)
Flash point Non flammable
Use concentration 1.5-5%
PH of concentrate < 12.5
Storage conditions Store in closed containers in a cool well ventilated area
Recommended shelf life 12 months