Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

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Our range of Ultrasonic cleaning systems comes in a variety of sizes and hence offer a solution to the cleaning requirements of industrial companies, workshops, power generation and marine industries, including the cleaning of engine parts such as:

  • pistons
  • valve spindles
  • fuel injectors
  • cylinder heads
  • intercoolers
  • heat exchangers

The stainless steel cleaning tanks are ultrasonically driven by transducers that are generating ultrasound waves that vibrate the cleaning fluid at very high velocity, creating the cavitation process. Millions of tiny bubbles implode within the solution and penetrate into every orifice of the item being cleaning, removing dirt and grime within seconds.

The transducers are high quality produced to a unique patented design that minimizes cavitation erosion and provides high energy all round cleaning performance operating at a frequency of 30 kHz +/- 2. The system features unique ultrasound “bar” transducers opposed to “cone” transducers resulting in 50% greater contact area with the outside surface.

The powerful generator system offers a patented frequency sweep for uniform and intense cavitation. With its efficient energy transfer the generator requires no forced air cooling and directs energy directly into the transducers.