Valve Seat Lathe / VSL

Portable lathe for in-situ machining of valve seats

The portable lathe type VSL is developed for machining diesel engine valve seats from ø 50 – 230 mm at 20 – 50° angle and designed as a professional tool for machining valve seats on medium speed diesel engines both onboard and ashore.

The portable lathe is secured to the cylinder head or valve cage (housing) when turned upside down. The machine rotates as it feeds the cutting tool over the valve seat at the predetermined angle. Due to its sturdy design and incorporated features, a high quality result is achieved quickly under the most demanding operating conditions.

The Chris-Marine VSL is electrically driven, easy to operate and features:

  • Long life squirrel cage motor for machine rotation
  • Stepless adjustable rotation speed
  • Adjustable machining diameters
  • Self centring pilot spindle
  • Adjustable grinding angles from 0-50°
  • Precision angle setting by means of a dowel
  • When not in use, the portable lathe and accessories are stored in the storage box (protective carrying case).

The VSL is available for most engine manufacturers, such as: Bergen, MAN B&W, Wärtsilä, etc.

Technical specification

Machine capacity50 - 230 mm seat diameter
WeightBasic machine 13 kg, Spindle compl. 2 - 13 kg
Max dimensionsH: Machine 405 mm + Spindle 185 - 1100 mm, W: 188 mm
Electric power supply1-phase 180 - 252 V, 48 - 62 Hz
Power requirement0.37 kW
Feeding32 mm