Valve Seat and Recess Lathe / VRL

A combined machine for in-situ machining of valve seats and seat recesses on medium speed diesel engines

The Chris-Marine VRL-type portable lathe is for use in machining diesel engine valve seats recesses from ø74 – 200 mm and valve seats from ø55 – 230 mm. It is of robust construction and designed as a professional tool for machining valve seat recesses and valve seats both onboard and ashore.

The portable lathe is secured to the upside down turned cylinder head. The machine rotates as it feeds the cutting tool either vertically, horizontally or up to 30° chamfering angles in the seat recess mode, and seat angles up to 50° in the valve seat mode.

The portable lathe is electrically driven and easy to operate and due to its sturdy design and incorporated features, a high quality result is achieved quickly under the most demanding operating conditions.

The Chris-Marine VRL features:


 Stepless adjustable rotation speed.  

 Long life squirrel cage motor for machine rotation

Adjustable for different machining diameters.

 Self-centring pilot spindle.

 Same machine equipment for machining horizontally, vertically and chamfering.

 Two part pilot spindle for easy access with standard diameter measuring tools.

 Simple change from recess machining to seat machining

When not in use, the portable lathe and accessories are stored in the storage box (protective carrying case).



The VRL is available for several engine maker such as: Bergen, MAN B&W, Wärtsilä, Sulzer, Caterpillar, etc.

Technical specification

Electrical power supply 1-phase 180 – 252 V, 48 – 62 Hz
Power required 0.37 kW
Max dimensions H: Machine 472 mm + Spindle 185 – 1100 mm W: 250 × 192 mm
Valve seat recess machining
Machining range 74 – 200 mm seat recess diameter
Machining length Vertical: 60 mm Horizontal: 17 mm
Valve seat angle machining 
Machining range 55 – 230 mm valve seat diameter
Machining length 30 mm