Valve Seat Remover / MPI

For easy removal of valve seats, shrink fitting and other applications

The Multi Purpose Induction tool (MPI) is designed for easy removal of worn valve seats from cylinder heads. The equipment consists of an induction generator which generates a high frequency current to an insulated water-cooled induction coil. The coil is designed to fit a specific valve seat centered on the valve guide and induces a current to the valve seat which is given a rapid heating, and heat is thus generated directly in metal objects. The MPI is therefore an extremely accurate tool, working with an open flame, thus preventing noxious gasses, soot or heat loss to the surroundings. The cold cylinder head prevents the valve seat from expanding and after cooling, the seat diameter has been reduced by 0.3 – 0.5 mm, and can be removed without force.

For use in several different applications such as:

  • Valve seat removal
  • Shrink fitting
  • Brazing & soldering
  • Spot heating
  • Extra coils can be added to use the equipment for different engine types

Technical specification

Weight160 kg
Electric power supply3 x 360-400 V 50/60 Hz, 40 kVA
Output power30 kW
Output frequency40-60 kHz
Cooling requirements10-12 l/min @ 2 bar
Generator dimensions (HxWxD mm)1350 x 600 x 600 excl handles etc