Valve Spindle and Valve Seat Grinding Machine / VGT

For valve and valve seat grinding on 2-stroke diesel engines.

The VGT is an automatically driven valve and valve seat griding machine, available in a number of versions intended for use on crosshead engine exhaust valves.
The machine is adjustable to all valve and seat angles, operates reliably and complies with the requirements of engine designers.

VGT is electrically driven and easy to operate. It is of robust construction and designed for grinding of valve spindles and valve seats, both onboard and ashore.
Thanks to its sturdy design and incorporated features – high precision grinding spindle, automatic centring as well as insensibility to vibrations – VGT delivers high quality grinding result, even under the most demanding operating conditions.The Chris-Marine VGT features:

  • Up to 96 mm valve stem diameter
  • Anti vibration dampers
  • Self-centring system for valve spindle and valve seat
  • Grinding angles set according to customer’s requirement
  • Pneumatically driven
  • Diamond dresser for grinding wheel and full set of tools included.

The VGT is available for several engine makers, such as: MAN B&W, Mitsubishi, Wärtsilä, etc.

Technical specification

Machine capacityUp to 96 mm valve stem diameter
Weight250 kg
Max dimensionsH: 1300 - 1700 mm, W: 700 - 960 mm
Electric power supply3-phase 220 - 250 V 50/60, Hz 3-phase 380 - 440 V 50/60 Hz
Noise level81 dB (A) / 80 dB (C)
Normal grinding time10 - 20 min
Power requirement1.3 kW