Fuel Injector Test Rig / VPU 1500-2

For test of fuel injectors for 4-stroke engines

For test of leaking, opening pressure and spray pattern.

Caterpillar 3600 fuel injectors are recommended to be checked after 6000 running hours and replaced with overhauled or new injectors after 12000 running hours. The manual states “factory calibration only”, but to verify if the injector need calibration, owners have hardly any option other than contacting a Caterpillar workshop.

The VPU 1500-2 enables customers to verify the performance of injectors and thereby save the trouble of sending well-working fuel valves for service, as the test can be done by the engineer within minutes.

More than an injector tester!

Since the unit uses hydraulic oil under high pressure as test medium, the acutal test also works as a cleaning process. Impurities in fuel spray holes are often removed simply by performing a couple of spray tests.

Due to its pneumatically powered high pressure pump, the test unit can also be used as a fast automatic hydraulic power unit. With this unit there will be no more hydraulic jacks to be pumped up by hand. The process of operating hydraulic tools will be faster, easier and more accurate.


  • Valve holders for 150+ different injectors
  • Oil mist separator
  • Test fluid

Technical specification

Air consumption1000 l/min
Suitable for enginesMaK, CATERPILLAR, DEUTZ
Pressure (bar) output@input1500@7, 900@5
Hydraulic gaugeClass 1.0
Pneumatic inlet1/8" Ø8
Hydraulic outlet1/4" BSP female
Can be powered by handNo
Weight16 kg
Dimension (LxWxH mm)432 x 250 x 425
Flow0.55 l/min
Max noise level85 dB(A)