Fuel Valve Test Rig / VPU 900 CAT

Fuel Valve Test Rig for troubleshooting of electronic Caterpillar Unit Injectors

The VPU 900 CAT unit injector test rig for electronic CAT 35xx / 36xx unit fuel injectors is a small Fuel Valve Test Rig comprised of two systems:

A pneumatic-hydraulic system + physical injector insert for testing of mechanical function of nozzle. The physical insert replaces the “pump” element of the unit injector.

This system is purely mechanical and allows for:
-Test of nozzle spray pattern
-Verification of nozzle tightness (nozzle sealing).

A pneumatic-electronic system, with electronic making it possible to verify solenoid coil functionality. The solenoid is used to control start / stop of fuel delivery (timing and amount of fuel injected). To verify actual physical activation of the solenoid blocking system, air is led through the system. The air-flow will stop if the solenoid activates correctly.

This system allows for
– Test of solenoid coil (resistance test)
– Test of solenoid activation

The system is simple to use and is a go / no-go test solution. In case any of the four tests fails, the unit injector should be replaced with a known-good unit injector.

Technical specification

Air consumption375 l/min @ 6 bar input
Weight17 kg with valve holder
Suitable for enginesCaterpillar 3500/3600 w. electronically controlled unit
Pressure (bar) output@input900 bar @ 8 bar input
Hydraulic gaugeClass 1.0
Hydraulic outletCEJN 116 female coupling for CAT connection piece
Power supply230 VAC 50/60Hz (115VAC on request)
Power consumption115VA
Output voltage24VDC
Pull/hold current range6A pull current 4A hold current
Hydraulic flow (l/min)0,45 l/min @ 6 bar input
Pneumatic inlet1/8" Ø8
Dimension (LxWxH mm)450 x 250 x 370