Fuel Injector Test Rig / VPUD 1000

Oil mist separator, for environmental purposes and better visual inspection of nozzle spray.VPUD Fuel injector test rig

Fuel valve test unit with digital read-out for test of fuel injectors for 2- & 4-stroke engines.

IOP Marine’s air-powered Valve Pressure-test Units ensure optimal fuel injector performance and help avoiding unnecessary fuel consumption and particle emissions. Our solutions are approved & recommended by leading engine designers including MAN Diesel, Wärtsilä, Rolls Royce and Caterpillar MAK for their 2- and 4-stroke engines.

Changing the way fuel injectors are tested

The VPUD’s are compatible with fuel injectors and safety valves from hundreds of different engine models and are continuously modified for new models according to the needs of the respective costumers. Our cooperation with acknowledged engine designers has resulted in unique solutions like:
  • IOP SafeTest technology for MAN Diesel 2-stroke slide-valve fuel injectors
  • Scalable pump technology for Wärtsilä 2-stroke fuel injectors
  • Air-powered test rigs for 4-stroke engine injectors, allowing fast and precise adjustment of opening pressure second to none
  • Activators for electronically controlled injectors & pilot valves
  • Adapters for injectors with integrated fuel pump
  • Systems for test of combined gas-diesel injectors
The unique solutions of IOP Marine’s Valve Pressure Test Units enables you to:

Reduce emissions, fuel consumption and engine fouling:

The extended capability of the test rig ensures a much easier way to verify details critical to the actual injector performance and prevents insertion of injectors that previously would have caused excessive fuel consumption, higher emission and engine fouling.

Reduce Maintenance Costs:

When a fuel injector performs less than optimal it can start opening at the wrong time as well as leak fuel before or after injection. This results in unnecessary fuel consumption and engine maintenance. The new test cycle makes it easier for any engine crew member to judge the state of the injectors that will power the vessel for the months to come.

Replace two units with one:

Normal yard/engine supply one small hand tester for gensets and a big VPU for the M/E. The VPUD 1100SV is designed for testing of both engine types.

VPUD 1100

An electronically controlled pneumatic/hydraulic test rig for 2- and 4-stroke fuel injectors featuring six programs to choose from & IOP SafeTest Technology (patented).The air-powered VPUD ensures optimal fuel injector performance, and helps to avoid unnecessary fuel consumption and particle emissions.The patented SafeTest Operator Guiding System, originally developed for MAN Diesel slide-valve fuel injectors, simplifies correct execution of all required test-steps, provides precise & consistent data collection and eliminates the unnecessary risk of injector damage.

Note - Using VPUD 1100 MKI and MKII for MAN slide valves can damage the valves. Use the PPMI 1000 in order to test MAN slide valves with the VPUD 1100.

A slide-valve protection system and a step-by-step test procedure to guide the operator is included as you purchase the VPUD 1100. Additionally we offer several optional, subsequent purchases such as valve holders for more than 150 different injector types, oil mist separators and a test fluid, which we highly recommend for optimization of the VPUD’s efficiency.

Technical Specification

VPUD 1000
Air consumption 2500-4000 l/min
Weight 90 kg
Electric power supply 1-PHASE 115/230 V AC
Dimensions 560 x 950 x 1525 (LxWxH mm)
For MAN slide valves Yes
Suitable for engines Any MAN engine with slide valves
Test procedure Injector prefill – Opening pressure test – Nozzle leakage test – Venting/Non-return valve test – O-ring sealing test
Pressure (bar) output@input 0-1100@10; 0-800@7
Hydraulic gauge Class 1.0
Display Class 0.2
Pneumatic inlet 1/2" BSP claw clutch female
Hydraulic outlet 1/4" BSP male coupling