Cat-Mak-Engine-LogoChris-Marine has over several decades developed and adapted products for Caterpillar, MaK Engines. Today, Chris-Marine has available solutions for the maintenance tasks involving machining of surfaces in the cylinder liner, the engine block and the cylinder cover. Some Chris-Marine machines are used by Caterpillar during production of new parts for MaK engines.

IOP Marine – Obel-P Products, however, started cooperation with Caterpillar, MaK Engines a little bit later. Since 2000, IOP Marine has delivered injector test solutions for MaK engine production, research and development, and workshops worldwide. The cooperation has continued over the years and recently IOP Marine introduced injector test solutions for electronically controlled fuel injectors. Today, IOP Marine VPU 1500-2 and VPA are officially approved for MaK Engines.

One example of our cooperation is a recent invitation to Chris-Marine & IOP Marine to visit a major MaK engine workshop in order to test and adopt one of our recently released products to the MaK 4-stroke engines. The available information was gathered, and a couple of Chris-Marine engineers visited the workshop with the machine to perform some basic tests. During the following weeks we developed and manufactured the special parts required for the MaK engines. Finally, a second visit to the MaK engine workshop was done during which the product performance on MaK 4-stroke engines was fine-tuned and approved.