Our co-operation with MAN-Diesel

man-diesel-logoChris-Marine initiated five decades of excellent cooperation with MAN Diesel & Turbo in 1963. Back then the impact wrench ABC34 was developed upon request from Burmeister & Wain (B&W) in Copenhagen, Denmark. The wrench was used to loosen bolts on B&W 2-stroke engines hydraulically. Later Chris-Marine got to specialize in grinding & milling solutions for maintenance of engine block & components, starting with our classic grinding equipment for maintenance of cylinder exhaust valve and seat.

IOP Marine – Obel-P Products – started supplying solutions for MAN Diesel & Turbo in 1969 and is the original developer of the air-powered fuel injector test rig for 2-stroke engine fuel injectors. Later hydraulic power packs were added to the product line. In early 2000, request was received to also develop solutions for MAN Diesel & Turbo 4-stroke engines.

Today Chris-Marine is the official partner for development and supply of tools for cylinder liner maintenance, cylinder cover / head maintenance & engine block maintenance, while IOP Marine is the official partner for hydraulic test equipment and air-powered power-packs.

Our tools are used by MAN Diesel & Turbo for engine production, for onboard & power plant installation and at many of their PrimeServ engine repair shops & academies.

Today we have supplied solutions for thousands of vessels, as well as numerous power plants, production facilities and repair shops, and we enjoy a strong working relationship with the complete MAN Diesel and Turbo group. Recently we have introduced maintenance & testing solutions for the new series of 2-stroke dual-fuel gas-engines as well as developing a series of in-situ solutions for cylinder wear monitoring.

Case stories

Case Story: Maersk

With the purchase of the IOP Marine and Chris-Marine machines for onboard use on all Triple-E vessels, Maersk has obtained the optimum maintenance equipment for the crew members to use when ensuring the smooth running of main and auxiliary engines.

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