Service & Support Singapore

In Singapore, our team of skilled techinicians and supervisors are ready for training of customers in the use of all our tools as well of execution and supervision of jobs with Chris-Marine/IOP Marine equipment.

This includes:

  • In-situ pre-inspections of cylinder liner & piston ring condition prior to scheduled maintenance / dry-docking, and for early detection of cold corrosion issues, by:
    • Liner Diameter Measurement with cylinder cover on (2-stroke engine only)
    • Measurement of liner roughness
    • Measurement of piston ring coating (2-stroke engine only)
  • In-situ & workshop inspection and maintenance of 2-stroke & 4-stroke engine cylinder liners, including removal of wear edges, measurement of liner geometry wear, and verification of result through measurement of surface roughness. This is e.g. done by:
    • Honing for liner geometry restoration or liner surface deglazing
    • Restoration of liner landing surface & cylinder cover landing surface
    • Machining of recess for Piston Cleaning Ring (PC-Ring)
    • Replica kit for detection of cat fines on liner surface
  • In-situ engine block maintenance
    • Restoration of engine block liner landing surface
    • Machining for fitting of Insert Ring
  • In-situ /& workshop maintenance of 2-stroke & 4-stroke engine cylinder cover / cylinder head
    • Machining of 2-stroke engine cylinder cover exhaust valve & seat
    • Restoration of 4-stroke engine cylinder head intake and exhaust air valve seats
    • Restoration of 4-stroke engine cylinder head intake and exhaust air valve spindles
    • Pressure test for cracks
  • Workshop maintenance of Piston heads
    • Inspection & detection of cracks
  • Workshop maintenance of connection rods
  • In-situ and workshop maintenance / repair of Chris-Marine & IOP Marine tools, such as repair of hydraulic power units, fuel injection test rigs, and other maintenance tools.
  • Supply of spares & consumables