Liners are unevenly worn during operation and surface structure is affected by wear caused by factors such as cat-fines, cold corrosion, fuel sulphur content and the TBN of the chosen cylinder lubrication oil.

For 4-stroke engines a correct liner surface is one of the key elements in keeping the lubricating oil consumption down. For 2-stroke engines a correct round shape of the liner and small variance in the diameter between the top and the bottom of the liner reduces the movement of the piston rings and wear they cause on the ring grooves.
In both 2 and 4-stroke engines a proper liner surface is important to keep a stable oil film on the liner wall protecting it from wear and corrosion.

De-glazing restores the surface of the liner and Honing restores the shape of the liner.

Our team can do liner inspection before dry-docking to determine need for replacement or honing using our Liner Diameter Measurement (LDM) without the need to remove the cylinder covers, one liner can be measured in less than an hour. We can also measure the coating thickness on the piston rings using our Coating Thickness Measurement (CTM) device.

Job Examples:

  • Deglazing or honing of cylinder liners for both 2 and 4-stroke engines using honing machines (HON-S / S2 / HON X).
  • Modification of liners for Piston cleaning and/or Anti Polishing rings using Chris-Marine Portable Lathe (PTL)
  • Modification for new lubricating systems such as Hans Jensen SIP or Pulse jet.
  • On-site Liner measurement without removing the cylinder cover with the Chris-Marine Liner Diameter Measurement Tool (LDM)
  • Wave cut grinding to restore the wave-cut surface using the Chris-Marine Wavecut Grinding Machine type WGM
  • Oil pocket machining using specialized Chris-Marine tools
  • Honing of liners damaged by cat fines to remove the cat fines and restore shape using our honing machines (HON-S / S2 / HON X)
  • Machining of sealing surfaces to eliminate leakages using our Portable Lathe (CPT/PSL) or Surface Grinding Machines (CPL/CPM/CPS)

For the liner machining we have honing and de-glazing machines in different sizes to fit engines from 260mm – 980 mm bore engines. We also have a number of machines for special applications like Wavecut grinding machine for wavecutting of MAN Diesel 2-stroke engine liners.