Sealings between cylinder liner and engine block or cylinder liner and cover / head are worn during operation which may cause leakage of gas from combustion chamber or leakage of cooling water.
With our range of machines and experience we can machine sealing surfaces between the engine frame and liner in order to restore correct angles and surface needed for proper sealing. We can also do the same on the surfaces between the liner and the cylinder cover.

The work can be carried out either onboard or in a workshop using machines like our portable lathe (CPT/PSL) or our surface grinding machines (CPL/CPM/CPS).

Job Example:

  • Machining of the sealing surface on top of the liner (CPL/CPM/CPS).
  • Machining of the sealing surface on the bottom of the liner (CPL/CPM/CPS).
  • Machining the surface on the top of the engine frame sealing against the liner (CPL/CPM/CPS).
  • Machining of engine block sealing surfaces (CPT / PTL)
  • Machining of propeller blade foot using Flatness Surface Lathe (FSL)
  • Machining of fuel pump body using Fuel Pump Grinding tool (FPG)
  • Machining of fuel pipe sealing surface using our Tube Grinding Machines (TGM)
  • Machining of fuel injector-pipe sealing surface using our Injector Grinding Tool (IGT)