Always ready

The Technical Support and After Sales (TSA) team is always standing by to support you, remotely or at your site (in-situ) wherever you are. TSA can offer:

  • Training, service and technical support for Chris-Marine and IOP Marine machines
  • Sales of spares and consumables for Chris-Marine and IOP Marine machines
  • Rental agreements for Chris-Marine and IOP Marine machines, optionally including service engineer(s)
  • Installation services for own and partner’s equipment

From our workshops in Sweden, Denmark, Singapore and China we dispatch personnel and/or machines to your vessel, workshop, power plant no later than 24 hours after your call.

Professional & Certified Crew

Our TSA Crew consist of well trained, experienced and dedicated experts with many years of experience as marine engineers, chief engineers and work managers at leading shipyards. We offer a wide range of problem shooting, techical support and maintenance.

Application area Service Training & Service Service only Installation/Commissioning
Liner maintenance Liner Diameter Measurement without removing cylinder cover (2-stroke)
Liner Surface honing, deglazing and wave cutting
Liner wear edge removal
Machining, 'Piston Cleaning Ring' recess
Sealing surfaces grinding, milling and lathening
Hans Jensen Lubricators, SIP Machining
Engine & Engine Block Sealing surfaces grinding, milling and lathening
Cooling water insert ring replacement
Cylinder head / Cover Valve seat grinding and lathening
Valve seat spindle grinding
Sealing surfaces grinding, milling and lathening
Fuel injector pocket machining (MAN 2-stroke slide valve)
Other Flatness surface blade machining (propellers, liners, flanges)
USON dry and wet waste treatment
Fuel Analyzer – online monitoring of HFO treatment systems
LinerSCAN – online monitoring of cylinder liner wear, 2-stroke