This year, the TSA team has completed several installation jobs of the Hans Jensen SIP Lubrication Valves onboard vessels.

The SIP installation jobs are in high demand as many customers wish to reduce their lubrication oil consumption.

Cylinder lubrication is a crucial factor for maintaining a good engine condition on 2-stroke diesel engines, as it limits the wear and corrosion on piston rings and cylinders. From an economic point of view, cylinder lubrication is a significant part of the ship operation due to the fact that the lube oil price has been increasing and significantly more expensive than ordinary diesel oil.

SIP is an abbreviation for ’Swirl Injection Principle’ and refers to the principle of using the scavenging air swirl of the engine to distribute the lube oil.

As the installation of the HJ SIP I Valves requires either complete new holes or that the existing holes in the liners from older valves are modified, the cylinders need to be modified on both on the inside and the outside.

The Chris-Marine TSA crew is a certified partner of Hans Jensen for preparation of the engine for installation of SIP fuel valves, and has performed numerous SIP installation jobs over the past years. The TSA team consists of specialized technical engineers with many years of experience in engine overhaul, and is therefore a natural choice for this kind of specialized job. In connection with the installation of the SIP valves, the TSA team often prepares a liner condition inspection report, which the ship manager can use when considering whether the liners need to be changed, honed, wave-cutted etc.


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