Product rental & Other services

Rental is a good alternative under many different circumstances:
  • When the customer does not have an approved CAPEX for purchasing equipment but would like to engage in a service job where the equipment is needed.
  • When the customer is not sure that the equipment will be used for more than a few service jobs, i.e. return on investment is uncertain.
  • When the customer needs equipment urgently or just wants to test new equipment prior to investing in it.

Simple to calculate the costs

The rental fee is 1% of the new equipment price per day. 50% of the fee is discounted when new equipment is ordered during the rental period. The rental period starts when the equipment arrives to the customer site and stops when it arrives back at the Chris-MarineĀ® hub. The rental fee is 10% of the new equipment price when ordered together with new equipment or repair services. Example 1: A customer decides to purchase new equipment and rent the same type of equipment while waiting for delivery. Total price: 110% of new equipment price. Example 2: A customer decides to rent equipment. Ten days into the rental period the customer decides to purchase new equipment instead, but would like to keep the rental equipment while waiting for delivery. Total price: 115% of new equipment price.

Other services

  • Storage
  • Calibration
  • Re-configuration
  • Data evaluation and reporting
Some customers find it convenient to let us store equipment at one of our hubs. This is useful when it comes to shared measurement tools and calibration tools as well as tools that need to be re-configured between service jobs. Chris-MarineĀ® can then make the necessary preparations and dispatch the equipment to the job site with minimal administrative involvement from the customer. Contact us